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Throughout the years we've been lucky enough to be featured in many publications,

on amazing websites, and local magazines and newspapers.

Here are some of those features. 

CT Post Along Came Carol
At her Friday night feasts, chef Carol Lentini makes guests feel at home.

Carol Lentini, the irrepressible chef and caterer who has worked in Fairfield County for decades, is conducting an experiment in communal meals at her latest location in the Black Rock section of Bridgeport. She calls them her Friday Night Dinners. Most of the four or five courses arrive at the table family style, but Lentini’s idea of family style goes beyond passing platters to making her guests forget they are even in a restaurant. “It’s like being at home, but being waited on and served. It’s warm and intimate. It brings on conversation,” she says of the dinners she and her business partner and husband Mark Mojcher introduced in April. And when Lentini says home, she really means it. Almost everything about the dinners — from the recipes to the decor — is intentionally personal. Guests can watch her work in the kitchen and she comes out to introduce each course. Candelabra and bowls of flowers parade down the center of a long table that can seat up to 26 people. The dishware and chairs are mismatched, as if assembled from a lifetime of browsing in antique stores and READ MORE...

Townvibe Along Came Carol

Caterer Carol Lentini has been serving the Fairfield area since 1989 with her business Along Came Carol Catering, and this spring she opened The Nook. The private dining room offers bi-weekly, supper-club style evenings in an informal and intimate setting. Located in the Black Rock section of Bridgeport (on the same block as Timothy’s Ice Cream), the space seats up to 25 guests for themed meals, served family style at long communal tables surrounded with colorful, mismatched chairs.


Brightly painted walls and artwork add to the casual atmosphere of the dining room, but the real creativity is in the food. “I just can’t do the same cooking every day,” Lentini explains. “I love to experiment with new things and give them my own twist.” Some recent themes include French bistro, Mexican, Mediterranean, Thai, and Southern cuisine, but Lentini is constantly creating new menus. “I’d love to do classic Chinese and vegetarian,” she says. Husband and partner Mark Mojcher works alongside her to prepare the delicious meals. READ MORE...

Serendipity Carol Lentini

The latest restaurant to open in Black Rock is The Nook, a 22-seat eatery that makes diners feel like their most sophisticated foodie friends have invited them over for a meal. The restaurant opens just once a week for Friday night dinners, with a reservation-only policy. Guests are ushered into a homey dining room decorated with communal candlelit tables, antiques and chandeliers. The menu changes weekly, from Thai food to READ MORE...

CT bites the Nook

Along came Carol, and then she opened The Nook, a private dining experience in Black Rock. The secret is about to get leaked. All who’ve visited The Nook can’t stop singing its praises - they’ll say how wonderful it is. What, exactly, is The Nook? And, if all these people have heard of The Nook, why hadn’t I?

The concept was created by chef and caterer Carol Lentini and her husband and partner Mark Mojcher. Located in the Black Rock section of Bridgeport, it is best described as a communal private dining experience. The eatery features one community table set in the middle of a long room offering an artistic and whimsical air with walls painted in a cheery bright pink, on which hang large colorful paintings.

More private dining room, less public restaurant, we felt like guests, not customers. While you wait for dinner you can mingle with the others and introduce yourself; you’ll meet READ MORE...

the nook opens

The Nook is a new boutique-style dining room and party space located at 2984-86 Fairfield Avenue in the historic Black Rock section of Bridgeport. After 27 years of catering in homes, Along Came Carol Boutique Catering chef/owner Carol Lentini and her husband, Mark Mojcher, decided it was time to offer the community a place to enjoy a quick bite or settle in to dine.

The adjoining Kitchen offers grab-n-go prepared meals, healthy foods and specialty-baked goods to enjoy in READ MORE...

Suzy Said the Nook
The Nook, a Galpal Review

The Nook is a fantastic new supper club-style restaurant in the Black Rock section of Bridgeport. Opened in March by Fairfielder Carol Lentini of Along Came Carol Boutique Catering, it is located in the space adjacent to Carol’s catering kitchen, on the same block as Timothy’s Ice Cream. The concept behind The Nook is to provide a private dining experience and party venue for people who enjoy great food in a more intimate setting. Unlike anything else in our area, The Nook is sure to become a dining destination.

The space is designed to resemble a home dining room, but think of it as the dining room of your most fun, creative, artistic friend. A maximum of 26 diners are seated around two long, farmhouse tables surrounded by colorfully painted, mismatched chairs. The salmon-colored walls, whimsical framed artwork, adorable Mad-Hatter style light fixtures, and creative seasonal decor just scream FUN. For spring, natural tree branches are READ MORE...

Unique Bridgeport

Bridgeport In The Know


Along Came Carol Boutique Catering offers wholesome, home-cooked food for take-out in a Black Rock kitchen storefront at 2984 Fairfield Avenue.  Local chef Carol Lentini always uses fresh ingredients, local and organic when available. The a la carte menus for lunch and dinner change every few days offering different cuisines with vegan, vegetarian & gluten-free options. They also have Cooking Classes in a variety of cooking styles and ethnic flavors starting in May. In addition to the take-out food, they also offer full service off-site catering.


What makes Along Came Carol unique is that in addition to her take-out service, she offers The Nook, a party room attached to her kitchen where you can host your friends and Carol will cook you a  personalized menu, with multi course, family Style or Buffet options & a BYOB bar. The beautifully decorated READ MORE...

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